Scale Models

Accurate and realistic scale models allow designers and engineers to present their ideas for external assessment from boardrooms to potential investors. Clients rely on representative scale models for making important and crucial decisions.

As a company in business for 40-plus years, Malcolm Nicholls limited (MNL) has gone from strength–to-strength on the integrity of our long-term customer relationships and the quality of our scale models.

Having embraced advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping technologies as they emerge, MNL has become experts in their use and application. This allows MNL to offer our customers an unparalleled and cost effective service of providing the very best of scale models.

We don’t rest on our laurels. We are constantly striving to improve our skill set and efficiency of service, we don’t stop there.

At MNL we often consider scale models as being the real thing reduced in size to facilitate transport, display, or testing. Going the other way, a scaled up model can be valuable for illustrating complex details or a cutaway model showing inner working of a product or mechanism. Either way MNL can create scale models of any size to suit your demands and requirements.

Models can be supplied with an additional plinth, Perspex cover and flight case.

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