3D Printed Ski and Snowboard Helmet Prototype

Combining Safety with Style

Snowboarding Helmet

As head injuries remain a concern for skiers and snowboarders, especially among young participants, the demand for stylish and safe helmets continues to rise. This case study explores how Malcolm Nicholls Ltd (MNL) collaborated with a leading design agency to create a 3D printed helmet prototype that merges safety with aesthetics.

The Challenge:

A renowned product design company approached MNL with the goal of 3D printing a child’s snowboard helmet prototype, requiring an impeccable gloss finish. The key aspects of the project were:

  • High-Quality Model: The client demanded a high-quality model for showcasing the design concept.
  • Safety and Style: The helmet needed to prioritise safety while incorporating a stylish aesthetic.
  • Flawless Finish: Achieving a mirror-like gloss finish without compromising functionality.

From Data to Chrome print in only a Few Days

MNL’s Expertise:

With over 50 years of experience in 3D printing and a commitment to cutting-edge technology, MNL was the perfect partner for this project. We leverage a wide range of 3D printing processes, including Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), to produce high-resolution and durable prototypes for various industries. Additionally, our in-house finishing department boasts extensive expertise in achieving exceptional surface finishes, from high gloss to intricate textures.

The Solution:

MNL utilised SLS technology to 3D print both the helmet and visor frame for the prototype. Following the printing process, our expert finishing team meticulously hand-sanded the components, eliminating any build lines and creating a smooth surface. This crucial step ensures the perfect foundation for achieving the desired gloss finish.

SLS Helmet After Primer Paint Application
3D Printed Helmet utilising SLS

The Results:

The final prototype, showcased here in a flawless gloss black finish, exemplifies MNL’s ability to deliver exceptional results. While the client opted for a classic gloss black finish, the visor in this example showcases the versatility of our finishing capabilities, demonstrating a unique sci-fi aesthetic achieved through vacuum metalising.

This project not only highlights MNL’s dedication to high-quality 3D printing and finishing but also underscores our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. We offer a comprehensive range of 3D printing and finishing services to cater to diverse project requirements, from rapid prototyping to production-ready components.

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