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Spyker Concept Rear Light Cluster

We manufactured a full set of 3D printed rear tail lights for the Spykey Spyder C8 – The Spijker brothers built their first Benz-engined motorcar with which they win immediate acclaim for the craftsmanship of its bodywork. Seventy-five years after the original company disappeared, the brand is resurrected. On 17th October, the new Spyker Cars N.V. unveils the Spyker C8 Spyder at the Geneva Motor Show.

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) expertise was to be called upon to produce a full set of automotive 3d printed rear tail lights also known as rear light len’s and reflectors. MNL 3D printed the full range of lens’ and reflectors using Stereolithography (SLA 7000) SLA gives the best surface finish and crispness of detail of all 3D printing processes. Once all components were built they were given to MNL’s high skilled finishing department to achieve that perfect surface finish. Using the finished models as patterns for MNL soft tooling (silicone Tooling), once tooling was completed castings were produced in several materials such as optically clear to the main lens, ABS mimic for the inner component and a high temperature casting for the reflector as this was to have a subsequent process called vacuum metalizing in a pewter effect. From data to desk in a very tight timeframe.

3d printed rear tail lights for Spyker Model

Case Study – 3D Printed Rear Tail Lights

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