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Triumph Crankcase

Market Sector: Automotive

Processes Used: SLA - 3D Printing

Model Type: Design Verification Models

Project Purpose: Product Development Prototype

Crank it Up

Triumph Motorcycles utilise MNL to create their prototype components. One such component was a crankcase housing for one of Triumph’s engines.

The crankcase, measuring 550 x 290 x 150 mm, was created in one build on our SLA500/40 Stereolithography machine.

MNL has developed its own “RNW” stereolithography build style which more than halved the predicted build time, down from 50 to less than 24 hours. This gives way to shorter lead times and reduced costs.

The 3.1 Kg SLA was used for design evaluation, fit & function tests, and also as an invaluable toolmakers aid. Further design iterations were incorporated, leading to other SL models being made as foundry patterns for prototype castings.

MNL constantly strive to increase their competitiveness, as shown here by producing faster build styles.

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