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Unicorn Horn – First Utility Advert

First Utility, a newcomer to the energy supply market, wanted a unique approach to the mainstream advertising of energy. First Utility decided to move away from the ads of their competitors and with a tongue in cheek spot that see’s the brand launch a mock energy company – HD Electricity, which captures the amazing power of unicorn horns – to hammer home the message that all electricity does the same so people shouldn’t pay more.

The carmargue horse was to be used as a photography model wearing a mock unicorn horn. The artistic director wanted the look of the horn to be similar to that of a narwhal horn. As these are hard to come by especially in the sizes required for the shoot, models were commissioned.

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) produced CAD models of the organic shape from visuals supplied by the client. The visuals were used as a basis upon which to base the “design” upon. Upon approval of the CAD, SLA models were printed, and all evidence of any layering removed. They were then painted white as a blank canvas for the application of the natural browns and other colours that were airbrushed on to give the totally natural look.

By the way; a group of unicorns is called a blessing!

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