Wrigleys Gum Display Cabinets

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) were approached by a POS design company to produce prototypes that emulated there design challenges such as durability for in store trials and uniqueness of the product display units.

MNL were supplied with completed 3D files (in this instance a STL file), enabling MNL to 3D Print using Stereolithography (SLA).

Once initial printed components were built these were then given to MNL’s highly skilled model makers to give it that perfect glasslike finish.

Using these finished masters MNL was able to produce sets of silicone tools. Despite the complex nature of certain areas of the design of the component, the silicone tool was able to be cut and flexed open to enable the mouldings to be released where the complex undercuts existed.

Castings from these tools were produced in a water clear resin that emulates clear Perspex. Many sets were cast in only a matter of days, reducing that all important timeframe of concept through to market.

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