Drayton Manor Hotel Carousel

Coming full circle in the 40th year for Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL), one of the company’s recent projects was with the same company with which Malcolm Nicholls started producing prototypes at the beginning. This project was the development of a scale model for a carousel at Drayton Manor Theme Park and the results speak for themselves. The theme for the carousel is a blend of the old and the new, a chord struck in parallel with the technologies used to create this magnificent attraction. This not only demonstrates MNL’s exceptional capabilities but also illustrates why companies that partner with MNL keep coming back time and time again.

The 2 metre diameter by 2 metre high exhibit was installed in the reception of the new Drayton Manor Hotel only weeks before its opening on the 15th August 2011.

The fully working model was a combined effort by all departments at MNL. Using a combination of traditional model making and 3D printing techniques the carousel took shape. The horses that circle the carousel, wear the names of some of the grandchildren of both Malcolm and Mr Colin Bryan, one of the owners of Drayton Manor. These vary same horses were hand carved by Malcolm and then replicated by MNL’s soft tooling (silicone tooling) and vacuum casting.

The curved “drapes” that make up the roof sections were drawn in 3D CAD and produced on a large frame Stereolithography (SLA) machine. Again the sections were replicated using vacuum casting in a durable Polyurethane.

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