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Layered Door Concept Mirror Model

When Invention meets Innovation

When First Tier Automotive supplier UT Automotive wanted a concept car door to show off their radically different fuel saving wing mirror system, they turned to Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) to produce a set of identical showcase models.

The project involved most of MNL’s excellent capabilities. The entire door assembly was modelled in 3D solid CAD using Varimetrix. The masters for the various components were produced using a combination of 3D printing via Stereolithography (SLA), traditional modelling and CNC machining.

On approval, MNL were able to replicate the master model using various in-house methods;

The exterior door skins were re-produced by vac-forming over the original hand carved patterns.

Silicon rubber tools were produced for most of the other components and castings in a Polyurethane resin simulating ABS.

A set of three identical doors were delivered only days later.


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