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“Without your services we wouldn’t of had this car ready for presentation here at Goodwood Festival of Speed” 

Ian Briggs – BAC Mono 

Recent Work

British Manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) Approaches Malcolm Nicholls Ltd To Produce 3D Printed Parts for New Mono R Supercar

BRIGGS AUTOMOTIVE COMPANY (BAC) APPROACHES MNL NEW MONO R SUPERCAR Mono R SupercarBritish manufacturer Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) approaches Malcolm Nicholls Ltd to produce 3D printed parts for new Mono R supercar BAC came to Malcolm Nicholls Ltd via a...

MNL Delivers

Top Automotive Brand Puts MNL In The Top Spot with 99.83% For 12 Months Of DeliveryTop automotive brand scores MNLs performance 99.83% over the last 12 months. A relationship that’s been built between this brand and Malcolm Nicholls Ltd since 2012 we have worked hard...

MNL Announce the Arrival of NEO800 a Huge Increase in SLA Capacity

MNL Invest almost £300k in NEO800 Large Format SLA Machine. MNL are proud to announce our latest investment NEO800 large frame SLA machine. NEO800 can produce parts up to 800 x 800 x 600mm. Due to high volumes of work during peak periods,...

Three 3D printed series of batons for huge fundraising races across the USA

Fund Raising As we approach the 5th anniversary of the bombings at the Boston Marathon, which saw three people die and more than 260 people injured, we take a look back at the batons we created for the relay races which raised funds for the victims of the horrific...

20 Years of 3D Printing

A Comparison of 3D Printing between 20 years ago and now.   1996 2016 Price - How much for a top of the range SLA 3D Printer?  Approx 480k GBP  Approx 600k GBP Build Speed - How long does a typical...

Additional Large Frame SLA machine

Additional Large Frame SLA machine SLA capacity has been significantly increased due to high demand for SLA parts. The new machine has a build envelope of 520 x 520 x 580mm, the second machine this size at MNL. This brings the total to: 2 Large Format SLA...

One Run for Boston 2

One Run for Boston 2 Once again MNL are proud to sponsor the One Run for Boston event. The 3328 mile relay across USA is a 300+ stage relay run where sponsored runners carry the Boston Baton from LA on the west coast to Boston on the East coast of America....

Additional Hi-Res SLA Capacity

Additional Hi-Res SLA Capacity MNL Have increased their High resolution SLA capacity by another machine. this brings the total to 3 in-house SLA machines. Hi resolution SLA models have been requested more and more since the introduction of the service at...

The Best Nylon SLS Powder Gets Even Better

The Best Nylon SLS Powder Gets Even Better The Best Nylon SLS Powder Gets Even Better... New SLS Powder: This extreme close up shows the superior surface finish the uprated Innov'PA 1550 XS gives. The pen knib is from a standard BIC pen! Innov'PA 1550 XS...

MNL Celebrates 40 Years of Prototyping Innovation

MNL Celebrates 40 Years of Prototyping Innovation In 1971 Rolls-Royce had just been nationalised, the NASDAQ stock market opened, the UK switched to a decimalised currency system and the USA was still sending men to the moon. It was also the year that...

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