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Structures Wind Tunnel Models

Market Sector: Architectural

Processes Used: SLA - 3D Printing

Model Type: Scale Models, Wind Tunnel Models

Project Purpose: Product Development Prototype

MNL have been using their expertise in SLA technology to build scale models of wind-sensitive structures, specifically for wind tunnel testing for some years.

SLA is the perfect technology to produce models with inbuilt ducts or tubing to translate the pressure point of interest on the surface of the structure; to a suitable, easily accessible point to connect pressure taps to.

No other 3D printing technology offers this ability. The difficulty, even with SLA is ensuring that 100% of the enclosed SLA resin is removed from the tubes. With as many as several thousand pressure points being traced across distances, sometimes in excess of 5-600mm, great care has to be taken to ensure the tubes are resin free. MNL have developed bespoke techniques for ensuring resin-free tubing leading more accurate wind tunnel results.

The photos above are only snippets of the buildings that have been produced. Confidentiality prevents us from showing any more of the building under development.

Tall buildings, Stadia, airports and Long-Span bridges are just some of the structures that MNL have produced wind tunnel models for. Specialist analysis enables structural load effects and pressure distribution to be performed upon the structures under development.


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