Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing with MNL

Since 1971, Malcolm Nicholls Limited has established itself as one of the most prestigious rapid prototyping companies in Europe. Priding itself on the quality of work, MNL offer concept models through to fully operational working prototypes, for all market sectors.

“Hi-tech 3D Printing technologies, rapid prototyping techniques and traditional model making skills; coupled with integrated project management ensure that high quality prototypes are delivered on time, every time.”

Rapid Prototyping Experts – MNL – “A Passion for Prototypes”

What Market Sectors Benefit From Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing?

Here you will find examples of work MNL have produced in the following market sectors:


Our 3D printed prototypes have been used to speed up flight testing, which has helped to reduce the risk of costly design errors and oversights.


MNL's 3D printed scale models have proved valuable in communicating ideas to clients and ensuring that innovative designs are viable and structurally sound.


From concept cars to detailed engineering, our functional, 3D printed prototypes have supported the development and testing of advanced automotive solutions.

Food & Drink

MNL's 3D printed models have been building and enhancing brand names in the food and drinks markets for most of its 40+ year history
3D Printed and Metal Coated Bronze "Heads"

Art, Fashion, TV & Film

Our unique approach to additive manufacturing has produced supreme examples of work that have supported Art, Fashion, TV and Film for 40+ years
SLA 3D Printed Blood Pump Unit


MNL's 3D printed models have been used as teaching aids, replacement parts and to support the development of medical equipment that improves patient care.
3D Printed Helicopter Finished in a Satin Texture


Stringent testing is essential for any equipment that has to perform in the toughest environments; MNL 3D print robust prototypes to suit the harsh environment.
Motorised mechanisms in a scale model of large engineering works.


Providing engineers with solutions to their development issues whether it be using trad model making techniques, various 3D printing tech or a hybrid of any of the above.
3D Printed Handle in Durable Nylon with Rubber Over-Moulding

Sports and Leisure

From gaining the competitive edge to increasing safety and all ability participation, 3D printed models and prototypes have supported product dev from concept to product.
Simple Space Models Straight from the 3D Printer are Often Used as Proof of Design


Just as FMCG packaging design is integral to the whole experience of consumer goods, 3D printing prototypes and models to showcase those designs is equally important.
MNL Prototyped Many of the Dyson Washing Machines Plastic Mouldings using 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting

Consumer Goods

MNL has 3D printed models and prototypes with wow factor finishes and sexy curves that underpin the very essence of alluring product design that make modern consumer goods.
High end Point of Sales Models

Point of Sale

World renowned retailers have used MNL to 3D print products such as Mobile POS, Experiental Promo Models for high end brands to unique one off bespoke POS

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Types of Models our Customers Use

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