Model Making

Professional Model Production

40 plus years of experience in the business with an unrivalled reputation for quality

Over the past 40 plus years of business MNL have worked on a wide variety of projects including;

Scale luxury yachts, military models of tanks, 20ft long door safety systems for the Chinese underground, full size Perkins diesel engine, Mira test models and wind tunnel test models for nuclear storage sites, to name but a few.

Today, with the combination of Model making and Hi-Tech 3D printing machines, Projects that used to take months now only take a matter of days.


Our customers communicate their part designs to us in every combination of media, from 2D paper sketches, basic surface data in IGES or native-CAD format, to fully detailed solid/surface 3D CAD models.

Whether it is a detailed section of a building elevation or a fully functional engineering model or even an intricate medical component, our team of model makers will have the expertise and skills to advise the client on the appropriate construction method for their project.

The main areas of our work are;

Concept models, block models, architectural models, POS, trophies, scale models, photographic models, exhibition models, models for television, large fabricated models and wind tunnel models etc.

“The key to good model makers are experience and years of industry knowledge”.

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