Concept Models

Producing quality product design models and prototypes is a discipline that requires highly skilled professionals. At Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) our expert team love working to a brief and have an insatiable appetite for problem solving and creative challenges MNL has the experience and skills to apply a wide range of traditional and advanced technologies to the creation of outstanding proof-of-concept models.

Our technology consultants and technicians recognise and understand the importance of capturing and realising the design intent of a product for the concept stage. We are second to none when it comes to paying attention to the details, and understanding the different processes for producing quality prototypes and proof-of-concept models.

Because of the quality, precision and complexity of the concept models we produce, our customers often use them as part of the product development process. Our finished concept models are suitable for assessing ergonomics and design options – communicating designs more effectively and making it possible to test whether ideas are viable or fit for purpose.

Working closely our model makers, engineers and designers build concept models with a range of materials, technologies, and finishes to produce realistic finishes to confidently see how the end product will look. Colours and textures can be augmented with shrink-wrap full-colour graphics, vacuum metalizing, plating, etching and lots more.

Should you already have raw models. MNL are happy to complete the finishing processes to create finished concept models that are as realistic and robust as an end-user product suitable for the scrutiny of development market research and testing. We regularly build everything from complex architectural models to multi-part consumer products or individual mechanical parts.

Our team of expert technical consultants at MNL will always advise on the best processes and materials available for a concept model in order to meet design intent and achieve build quality at a the most cost effective price.

MNL has worked with a wide range of clients on a diverse spectrum of consumer and OEM products to produce superior models and prototypes that meet a myriad of budgetary and lead-time constraints.

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