CAD Services

CAD Data Translation Services for Prototypes

MNL Can offer some basic CAD services to aid with your product development and/or low volume production requirements, as follows:

3D Data Translation:

Basic 3D printing requires STL files and we have a whole host of translation products to help translate virtually all mainstream CAD data formats. For a full list of data types that we can handle click here Data Translation

Graphics Data:

We have the full Adobe Creative Suite, so pretty much all graphics formats whether pixel or vector are acceptable. Depending upon the graphics type you require, our technology consultants will advise the best format to use.

2D to 3D data conversion:

Our CAD department can convert “fag-packet” sketches or any 2D data into suitable data for 3D printing.

Design work:

We can offer a basic design assistance service. We also have links with many designers and agencies for larger projects.

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