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CAD prototype models made UK

MNL work alongside you and your product development process. With 50 years of experience in product development, we turn your concept into a tangible prototyped part. We utilise our team’s knowledge and expertise in rapid prototyping to make sure your part is analysed before it’s built so we know it’s built to the very best standard – the Malcolm Nicholls Standard.

Services We Offer

3D Data Translation:

Basic 3D printing requires STL files and we have a whole host of translation products to help translate virtually all mainstream CAD data formats. For a full list of data types that we can handle click here Data Translation.

Graphics Data:

We have the full Adobe Creative Suite, so pretty much all graphics formats whether pixel or vector are acceptable. Depending upon the graphics type you require, our technology consultants will advise the best format to use.

2D to 3D data conversion:

Our CAD department can convert “fag-packet” sketches or any 2D data into suitable data for 3D printing.

Design work:

We can offer a basic design assistance service. We also have links with many designers and agencies for larger projects.

Scan Data was Manipulated by MNL CAD Department to Incorporate the Sketched Scene

Examples Of Our Work

Concept Twisty Taps

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) produced an eye catching set of conceptual taps for their own purpose at a trade show. The taps were designed in house using SolidWorks. Once finalised 3D data was complete,...

Drayton Manor Hotel Carousel

Coming full circle in the 40th year for Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL), one of the company’s recent projects was with the same company with which Malcolm Nicholls started producing prototypes at...

Type 45 Destroyer Model

A blend of old and new technologies ... Commissioned as a centrepiece for the DSEI 2015 show to illustrate Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL)’s in-house capabilities. The data for the model was captured...

Complex Investment Cast “Ball”

Like most MOD contracts, confidentiality is a must. Finding examples of work that we are allowed to show is therefore very difficult. What we are showing here is our own version of a series of designs that one...

Layered Door Concept Mirror Model

When Invention meets Innovation When First Tier Automotive supplier UT Automotive wanted a concept car door to show off their radically different fuel saving wing mirror system, they...

Mobil Delvac Truck Display Model

The entire display is used for exhibition purposes all around the globe. The model cab demonstrates where Mobil’s products are used around a typical truck cab, and iPads give product...

Investment Cast Tyre Mould

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) were commissioned by a worldwide tyre manufacturer to aid them develop a radically different tyre mould design. The CAD department at MNL started the project by...

Goalpoker Trophy

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) challenge was to produce a Goal poker Trophy. MNL were supplied with a 2D sketch and an artist’s illustration of what the finish trophy should look like. From this...

Copaxone Advert

Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) were approached by a London Model Making company on behalf of a creative advertising agency to produce models for a forthcoming campaign. The agency wanted to produce five...

BA Cuppa Advert

MNL's brief was to produce an SLA model that would be used in photography for a BA Advert. In collaboration with Mimesis Models, a company in London who specialise in models for commercials and Adverts, MNL...

Our Expertise

Concept models, block models, architectural models, POS, trophies, scale models, photographic models, exhibition models, models for television, large fabricated models and wind tunnel models etc.

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