Exhibition Models

Exhibitions are often the first showcase for exposing new products and concepts to buyers and the general public.

The market is finding that face to face meetings with built physical samples, prototypes and models create a far stronger and effective link from the supplier to the customer. Photographs can be Photo-shopped with surface finish and colours doctored, but the physical sample in a client’s hands provides a more reassuring connection. It’s all about being confident – what I need will be supplied in the way I want it – geometry, function, colour, finish and branding.

Confidence in the supplier secures the sale.

Making that all important first impression count, an exceptional exhibition model is paramount.  Whether to attract interest, illustrate the look or function, assist raising project funds, or gain publicity, an exceptional model for exhibition is essential and indispensable.

In business for 40-plus years Malcolm Nicholls Limited (MNL) has made high profile models to one off props. MNL can create full scale exhibition models, or specific parts which show the inner workings of a larger product or mechanism. For presentation purposes and winning over prospective clients, these exhibition models need not be large-scale; we have made several small ‘desktop’ models for client meetings and presentations.

Additionally, exhibition models can be made to be semi or fully functional for demonstration purposes. Full size lightweight models can also cut down expensive shipment costs. MNL have a full range of materials, technologies, and traditional model-making skills to faithfully produce breath-taking exhibition models. While always magnificent, our exhibition models are strong and reliable for taking on the road and performing repeated demonstrations. With stunning looks for eye-catching exhibition stands and publicity shots.

MNL offers the complete service of design, realisation, project management and installation. Our in-house CAD technicians can assist with the digital aspects of a project brief, and we are able to bring to bear the talents of sculptors, engineers and fabricators in providing outstanding exhibition model services. In addition models can be supplied with a plinth, Perspex cover and flight case.

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