Clear SLA 3D Printed Parts

Here we illustrate some of the other reasons and uses for producing Clear SLA 3D Printed Parts as well as the obvious lenses and lightpipes.

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Clear SLA materials give perfect results straight from the machine right?

Clear 3d printed parts that are produced from the Stereolithography or “SLA 3D Printing” process often look fantastic emerging from the tank of resin.

BUT …The reality however is often less than disappointing if you are looking for high-end visual appearance.

At MNL we have some tricks up our sleeve to improve the appearance and produce a look to suit your requirements. Look at the examples below to see how we improve the standard result, and it’s not always expensive or time consuming.

clear 3D printed parts look great emerging from the resin tank
clear 3D printed parts don't look quite as good once they have been solvent washed

Examples of Clear SLAs Clear SLA Examples

Example: Display Covers

High level of finish (our ref. C2)

One of the largest SLA capacities in the UK

From small and intricate clear 3D printed parts (tiny detail achievable on thimble sized components) to large sanded and painted (Largest part made to date was 950mm x 750mm and over 2m high)

Example: Valve Blocks and Flow Analysis

Basic low level of finish (Our ref. C1)

Use our three tier costing system

Whatever clear 3D printed parts you require we dedicate machines to your project for our premium service and fill-to-capacity large machines with multiple jobs for our budget service. we also have a compromise standard service in the middle.

Example: Drinking Glasses

High level of finish (our ref. C2)

Confident that SLA is a good fit for your parts?

Upload your stl files for an instant price now. Online ordering is also available too.

Example: Bottles and Containers

High level of finish (our ref. C2)

Is SLA the right process for you?

If you are unsure, let our technology consultants advise you, contact us here …

Example: Drinks Vessels

High level of finish (our ref. C2)

You Can be Confident that we shall keep your Data Confidential

We have been keeping projects confidential for more than 40 years. We can provide our own NDA, or sign yours

Example: Illumination Effects

Sandblasted Finish with colour-tinted lacquer

Did you know that our clear SLA parts are as strong as ABS?

If you are unsure what properties you require from your clear 3D printed parts, let our technology consultants advise you, contact us here … Data Sheet in Technical Section Below

Example: Wind Tunnel Applications

Un-Sandblasted Finish with specially drained tubing.

Surface Finishing Options Finishing Options

What finishing options do we offer? How do we achieve these results? And at what cost?

Clear 3D printed parts that need to be optically clear have to be sanded through the grades polished and lacquered to achieve a perfect look.

However in many cases optical performance is not required everywhere to achieve the desired visual appearance.

At MNL we employ time-served finishers to ensure the appearance and look, suit your requirements.

clear 3D printed parts look dramatically better with just a quick coat of lacquer
clear 3D printed parts can be virtually optically perfect

Finishing options

Four levels of finish are offered for clear parts

Level 1S

Sandblasted only (default finish)

Level 1U

Unfinished. No sanding or blasting.

Level C1

Lacquer only, no sanding, build lines visible. 90% transparent.

Level C2

Sanded and polished smooth. Clear Lacquer. 99% transparent.

Still not sure?

We have many many returning customers who love our customer service and value for money, contact us to experience why …

How do we achieve these Levels of clarity in SLA clear 3D printed parts?

Exploring the differing levels of clarity that can be achieved on the SLA machines at MNL.

Getting SLA Prices    Getting Prices

What do i need to do to get a price for my clear 3D printed parts?

MNL are a competitive service provider. We have been providing prototyping services for over 40 years. Our customers keep returning for an excellent value-for-money return on their prototyping investment.

We offer two methods of obtaining prices as follows.

Upload your data via our secure feature below, tell us a little about your project and one of our technology consultants will help you achieve the best combination of bang for your buck!

Instant Online Pricing. This is exactly what it says on the tin, if you know what you want then let our online price calculator and ordering service work for you.

Get Prices Here

Upload Data for a Bespoke Quote

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General Question

Technical Section

SLA Machine Sizes at MNL

SLA Machine Sizes at MNL

Available Materials

Available Materials

Still not sure about 3d printed parts?

We have many many returning customers who love our customer service and value for money, contact us to experience why …

Examples of Other Projects involving SLA 3D Printed Parts

Explore many different projects where SLA 3D printing has played a part. Various projects from components used straight from the machine, through to fully finished exhibition quality models, not just clear parts.